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    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is a company’s commitment to its stakeholders to conduct business in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner that is transparent and ethical. Stakeholders include employees, investors, shareholders, customers, business partners, clients, civil society groups, Government and non-government organisations, local communities, environment and society at large.


   Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is essentially a way of conducting business responsibly. ‘Corporate responsibility’ is integral to corporate social responsibility. Implicit in this premise that business should be conducted responsibly, are several expectations from corporate enterprises.


   Corporate enterprises are expected to conduct their business operations and activities in a socially responsible and sustainable manner at all times. Even routine business activities not funded from the CSR and Sustainability budget, should aim at creating new business opportunities and developing new products and services that are affordable for the consumers, profitable for the companies, and help in contributing to socio-economic development and environment protection.


   Public Sector enterprises are required to have a CSR and Sustainability policy approved by their respective Boards of Directors. The CSR and Sustainability activities undertaken by them under such a policy should also have the approval / ratification of their Boards. Even if the Board of a company were to delegate the authority to approve the CSR and Sustainability activities to the Board level committee, ultimately the ratification of such activities by the Board of Directors would be required. However, CPSEs should frame their CSR and Sustainability policies and plan their activities in this regard within the framework of DPE’s guidelines on this subject. Within the ambit of these guidelines, it is the discretion of the Board of Directors of CPSEs to decide on the CSR and Sustainability activities to be undertaken.


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